Spray Tanning


Sheacures Glow $50

Sheacures Glow 4 pack $175

Sheacures Twin Tuesday $50 (2 tans for the price of one, two people must be done at the same location and at the same time)

How does this work?

We come to your home, office, or hotel, and typically set-up in a bathroom. We have a pop-up tent, that contains all of the spray tan, so it’s a confined area, with no mess.

We are typically in and out in about 30-minutes for an individual tan.

Is it safe?

Yes, the solution we use is FDA approved and organic.

I’ve done this before and was streaky and orange. What makes yours different?

First, our solution has a green base to it, which makes it a more natural brown color and doesn’t have the orange tint. Second, with a customized tan, by hand, we make sure to carefully tan around those areas that can cause issues, like hands, knees, feet, etc.

We take our time and carefully apply the solution, making sure your tan goes on evenly and natural looking.

How do I prepare?

Exfoliated and moisturized skin tans the best. But there’s a trick.

First exfoliate the DAY BEFORE, not the day of your tan.

Second, make sure you use a natural moisturizer, as some lotions may mess with the color of your tan. The best we’ve found is coconut oil. Don’t moisturize right before your tan, but several hours before with something natural is perfect.

Is it cruelty free?


Is it vegan?


If I am pregnant can I get a spray tan?

Yes the solution we use is organic and made with natural materials.

Does the solution have nuts in it?

Yes, the solution has walnut extract

How do I make my tan last longer?

Moisturize with something natural, like coconut oil.

When should I get a tan for my event?

The day before or two days before your event.

How long does a tan last for?

5 to 7 days, but with the extender you can make it last for 9 days.


Prep Package $110

Pre-Tan $60