Stella Society Affiliate Program

The Stella Society Affiliate Program is only available to those member who are a member of the Stella Strong course. 

Earn money helping others while becoming #stellastrong yourself

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Why become an affiliate:                                                            Benefits of being an affiliate:

  • You are already a member of the Stella Society.
  • You want others to gain the same benefits as you.
  • You believe in the products. 
  • You want to earn income for sharing your results.
  • Others believe in what you say. 
  • Self-strength is important. 
  • Commission of 40% - 50% on Stella Strong courses.
  • Commission of 30% on Stella Society challenges.
  • Commission of 15% on referred affiliate commissions.
  • Affiliate dashboard access.
  • Monthly payouts after then first sign up
  • Discounts on Stella Society courses or use affiliate credits.

Stella Society Affiliate Program Information

This Affiliate Program is designed to allow you (the Affiliate) to promote the Stella Society's coursess, with the goal of referring new members to the Stella Society and earning commissions as a result 

By registering as an Affiliate, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree, you are not permitted to participate in this Affiliate Program.

1. Joining our Affiliate Program

The Stella Society's Affiliate program is only open paid members of the Stella Strong course by invitation. 

The Stella Society reserves the right to revoke requested or current affiliate access due to non-compliance with the Terms of Service.

2. Your Responsibilities

As a Stella Society Affiliate, you agree that:

  • Affiliates who attempt to purchase Stella Society courses for themselves through their own affiliate link will NOT be entitled to an affiliate commission. This action may also result in the affiliate being permanently suspended from the Stella Society affiliate program i.e. it's a form of affiliate fraud.
  • It is your responsibility to provide us with full and accurate account information and to keep that information up to date.
    Account information includes (but is not limited to): contact details, all websites addresses where WPX Hosting will be featured in your Affiliate Promotion, promotional practices and means, payment details, tax information as well as any other details we may require.
    Failure to include any of the above information may result in exclusion from our Affiliate Program, or even suspension or termination of your Affiliate account and forfeiture of any commissions.
  • You should act in good faith to refer customers in good standing. Avoid customers who may be flagged for fraud risk, cannot provide valid contact information, have active accounts that exceed their monthly hosting limitations, or are inactive users overall.
    Avoid taking actions or making recommendations that results in potential revenue loss for the Stella Society. 
  • You should avoid using any copyrighted or third-party material without the proper licenses, this applies to your referrals as well.
  • You should leave icons, buttons, banners, graphics, files, or content found in the Stella Society's links alone and refrain from editing, altering, or modifying them without written approval from us.
  • You should not engage in any blackhat SEO/spam link building practises to generate more referrals. Nobody likes that.
  • You must abide by any applicable laws, follow local etiquette, and you must disclose the affiliate relationship with the Stella Society on your website if applicable.
  • You should be loyal and considerate to the Stella Society and should not misuse its confidence nor damage its reputation.
  • You may refer members to any Stella Society courses, as listed on the Course & Pricing page on the academy website.
  • You will NOT copy the Stella Society website for affiliate marketing purposes.

If we detect any behaviour that, in our reasonable opinion, violates any of the above points (or any aspect of the Terms and Conditions) we reserve the right to suspend or even terminate your Affiliate account and cancel all outstanding commission payments due.

3. Affiliate Advertising

Please only use our approved promotional materials (found in your Media Centre or on any social media site) when promoting the Stella Society. Approved materials contain the Stella Society trade name as well as our logo for display on your Affiliate Site and slogans.

The material in your Media Centre is available for you to download and use for your promotional projects on websites owned, operated or controlled by the Stella Society. If there are any promotional materials that you feel are missing from our Media Centre, or are interested in your own marketing media, please contact us and we will discuss the possibility of customised promotional material.

Please follow the guidelines below when advertising and promoting the Stella Society:

  • Do not promote the Stella Society using non-unique, copyright infringing content or via spam or unsolicited emails, unauthorised linking in forums, newsgroups, or message boards, etc.
  • Do not bid on keywords or phrases containing the Stella Society or the Stella Project (including misspellings or variations of this trademarks) on Pay per Click campaigns with Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, or other Search Engines without our written approval.
  • You cannot provide any cash-back, coupons, vouchers, rewards (or any other kind of price-saving methods or incentives) to your audience to gain sales without our approval.
  • Do not use our promotional material (including our name and logo) in any way that would negatively affect our company image or philosophy.
  • Only track your affiliate commissions by the actual click-through methods provided and nothing else.
  • Please conduct your Affiliate marketing in line with our normal Terms of Service. To highlight an example, please do not market us via websites that we explicitly forbid in our ToS, such as those with pornographic, bigoted, or any other kind of objectional content that we have outlined.
  • Keep your own business and ours separate; your own domain name, company logo, trademark, etc must not contain keywords or phrases containing “Stella Society”, including any misspelled or confusingly similar names/keywords/phrases. Please ask for permission before making such decisions.

As explained earlier, failure to comply to any of the above guidelines (or any aspect of the Terms and Conditions) can result in your removal from the Stella Society Affiliate Program.

Thank you.

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