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SHEACURES offers nail, spray tanning and waxing services in the comfort of your home. Our Sheacures Professionals are licensed, insured and deliver a safe and enjoyable service consistently. 


Mani/Pedi $65

Gel Mani/Pedi $85

Mani/Gel Pedi $85

Gel Mani/Gel Pedi $110

Dip Mani/Pedi $85

Dip Mani/Gel Pedi $110

Japanese Gel Mani/Pedi $95


Manicure $35

Gel Manicure $55

Japanese Gel Mani $65

Dip Mani $55

Dip Removal Mani $45


Pedicure $50

Gel Pedicure $65

Japanese Gel Pedi $75

Spa Pedi $65


Sheacures Glo $50

Sheacures Deep Glow $60

"Life is too short for naked nails."

FALL in line with autumn shine

The Fall season is upon us and the deep browns, plum worthy purples and underground greens and greys are all the request these days. 

Dip nails vs soft/hard gels

Dip nails, or what some call the "3-week manicure" has grown in popularity due to its ease of application and array of colors. However, many are beginning to look in the direction of Japanese gels and hard gels. But what are they? Are they better for your nails and do they last up to 3 weeks?

What Others are Saying


She also does my daughters nails!!! There is nothing like a mommy and me mani, espcially when it is done at home. Sheacures treats my daughter with love and she looks forward to their arrival every time. 

Tracy Walder 

 / Author  "Unexpected Spy"


My hands display my products and Sheacures delivers quality each and every time. I adore that I can stay productive while getting my mani and pedi and knowing I will have great nails in the process. 

Sarah Zubiate

/ Owner - Zubi's


Who likes to wear them paper flip flops after getting a pedicure? Not me, therefore I book with Sheacures faithfully. I know they will be on time and consistently do fabulous work. 

Kim Peris

/ Owner - Little Lona

Angela Jae

Hello, I am Angela Jae, owner and operator at Sheacures. I have 30 plus years of experience as a licensed manicurist and over 10 years of spray tanning. I am in the process of obtaining my license as an esthetician and I also co-own the first black-owned nail supply in Dallas, TX. 

I created Sheacures during my last year of teaching because I wanted to go back to doing nails, but I didn't have the time or patience to sit in a salon and wait for work. Many of my clients were already getting their services at home, however, like any business, I wanted to expand and afford other technicians an opportunity as well. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and we look forward to servicing you soon. 

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