- What is Sheacures?
Sheacures is an on-demand beauty and wellness platform that connects clients with independent beauty professionals and personal trainers, in order to perform mobile beauty and wellness services.

- How does Sheacures work?
Select the service(s) you would like, select a pro (or one will be provided for you), choose your date and time, enter the desired service location, payment details and your Sheacures Pro will be on their way.

- Is Sheacures a actual mobile vehicle?
We are not, Sheacures provides on-demand mobile services to fixed locations including homes, offices, apartments and hotels and more.

- What is the coverage area for Sheacures?
Currently, we are exclusively servicing the DFW and the surrounding communities. ​

- Is water required for my service?
Water is not required as many of our services, however you can provide your own water basin and or bowl if you like. We use keratin filled gloves and socks to moisten and prepare the nail for service. 

- Who is a Sheacures Pro?
Sheacures Pros are the highly skilled independent nail technicians, aestheticians, cosmetologists and personal trainers  that provide services to Sheacures clients. Each Pro must have the following to work on the Sheacures platform: a current personal trainer certification, cosmetology or manicurist license, pass a comprehensive background check, complete customer service and skill assessment prior and maintain active insurance for personal trainers, cosmetologist or manicurists.

- Can I add a friend(s) to my appointment?
Of course, just make another appointment to the same location (we will have an add a friend feature soon).

- Do you offer birthday parties?
Yes we do, we offer Shea Sweetie parties for girls up to the age 9 and press on parties for girls 10 - 13. Click here for more info
What should I do prior to my appointment?
Select a location with great lighting and a flat working space for manicurist and an outlet. Personal trainers need enough space and or an apartment gym.  If there is anything the Sheacures Pro should know regarding your nail history, health, and or skin please provide that information via our client intake form. 

- Is gratuity included in the price?
No, gratuity is not included in the quoted price. It can be added at the conclusion of the appointment or paid in cash to the Sheacures Pro.
How do I pay and leave gratuity?
Payments are processed at the end of your appointment. 

- What if I forget to leave gratuity?
Don’t worry, we have you covered! If you forget to leave gratuity after the appointment, you will receive a reminder SMS 1 hour after the services ends. After 2 hours we go ahead and close the appointment in order to process it and include an 18% gratuity for the Sheacures Pro.

- What is the credit card processing fee?
Cherry uses a secure third party (Stripe) to process and secure all financial transactions; the ‘processing fee’ is their service fee.

- Pricing and Services
  • Classic Manicure: $35
    Nail trimming andshaping, cuticle care, hand and arm massage and polish
  • Classic / Mens Pedicure: $45
    Nail shaping, cuticle care, foot massage, callous treatment and polish
  • Classic Manicure / Classic Pedicure: $65
    Nail trimming and shaping, cuticle care, callous treatment (optional), hand, arm, foot and calf massage and polish
  • Gel Manicure: $50
    Nail and cuticle care, gel polish and hand and arm massage
  • Gel Pedicure: $60
    Nail and cuticle care, gel polish and foot and calf massage
  • Gel Manicure / Gel Pedicure: $90
    Nail and cuticle care, gel polish, hand and foot massage
  • Classic Manicure / Gel Pedicure: $80
    Nail shaping, cuticle care, polish / gel polish, hand and foot massage
  • Gel Manicure / Classic Pedicure: $80
    Nail and cuticle care, gel polish / polish , callous treatment (optional), hand and foot massage
  • Dip Manicure: $60
    Nail and cuticle care, dip powder 
  • Dip Manicure / Classic Pedicure: $90
    Nail and cuticle care, dip powder/classic polish, and foot and calfmassage
  • Dip Manicure / Gel Pedicure: $105
    Nail and cuticle care, dip / gel polish, and foot and calf massage
  • Gel Removal: $10
  • Dip Removal: $10
  • Trainer Consultation: $60
- What polishes, gels and powders do you carry?
Each Shecures Pro carry a variety of polishes, gels and powders, please view their profile to see a full list. 
Do you carry weights and exercise equipment?
Each Sheacures Trainer carry an assortment of fitness equipment depending on the needs of each client.

- Can I use my own polish?
Of course! Just let your Cherry Pro know during your service consultation.

- What if my nails chip after a service?
While we don’t anticipate this occurring, it does happen. If your nail chips within 24 hours of a Cherry services, immediately send us an email with an attached photo of the chipped nail to:

- What about parking?
When booking, we ask that you provide detailed parking information. We will do our best to find free parking. However, if your Sheacures is unable to locate free parking, you shall be charged up to of their parking fees once their receipt has been submitted. 

- Will I receive a receipt after my services?
Yes. At the completion of each appointment you will be emailed an itemized receipt for your records, detailing the cost of your services.

- Do you store my payment information?
No. We use a third-party processor (Stripe) to securely process all transactions. Sheacuresdoes not store any financial information.

- What is your cancellation policy?
Sheacures requires 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. Cancellations made under 24 hours will incur a fee of $25. Cancellations made within one hour of the appointment will incur a fee equal to the full price of the booked service.

- What if I need to re-schedule my appointment?
Appointments changed by less than  24 hours of the scheduled start time will incur a surcharge of 50% of the original appointment price.
We may also add a 25% surcharge if an appointment time is changed by less than 30 minutes within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time.

- What if I am late to my appointment?
If you are late to an appointment by more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, Sheacures reserves the right to re-schedule the appointment time. We shall also add a 25% surcharge if the client is more than 15 minutes late to an appointment.

- How do I book a mini-manicure for my little one? The Classic Manicure is set for all ages above 10. 
  • Mini-Manicure: $15
  • Mini-Mani / Pedi: $25

- Can I purchase a gift card?
Absolutely! You can purchase a gift card here or by going to

- How do gift cards work?
Gift cards are electronic. At the completion of your transaction, the recipient will immediately be notified of the gift card via email. The gift card value is connected with the email used for the recipient. The recipient will need to use the code when scheduling  in order to redeem their Sheacures credit.

- Do you provide services for groups (parties, bridal showers etc) or corporate events? Definitely! Please contact us at and we will be happy to assist.

- Who can I contact for questions and comments? Send us an email at