Sheacures Academy


We challenge you to identify with your inner Stella during this 4o day course. For the next 40 days you will gain knowledge about fitness after 40 as well as be encouraged to reclaim your sexy. 

Opens: July 12. 2019

Closes: Aug 31, 2019

Cost: FREE


I was frustrated with my lack progress, especially after turning 40. It seemed like no mater what I did I wasn't advancing in my fitness . After taking The Stella Project course challenge, my body started changing and my confidence in the gym returned. I enjoy being a part of a community that understands what I am struggling with and the detailed workouts are no brainers. 

Rashida Bonds

Master Stylist/Educator

I use to train daily until a minor injury. When it was time for me to return to the gym, I was at a lost. The knowledge I once had wasn't working anymore. I didn't want to hire a trainer but I knew I needed help. Learning how to design my own workouts the same way a trainer does held me accountable for my workouts. But the What To Do in the Gym course propelled my knowledge and gains even further. 

Walter Pearson

Finance Manager

Time and education are vital to my career and self improvement. I knew I needed to workout with weights, but like most, I was completely clueless how. I joined the challenge first just to see how informative it would be and I learned more than expected. I followed up with The Stella Project course and community group and I have made significant changes. I am pleased to be a part of such a great society.

Tiffany Gibson

Elementary Teacher

I am a personal trainer, however designing workout plans can be somewhat difficult. I took the free course and because the teacher is a trainer I know and respect. It has given me more insight to designing my clients plans and I refer many of my clients to the 6 week What To Do In The Gym course. 

George Ramsey

US Army